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The Frog Classroom Programme aims to transform classrooms throughout Malaysia into 21st century learning spaces, designed to promote technology-enabled, student-focused learning.

Collaborative learning spaces

The hallmark of our Frog Classrooms are our curved tables which create more opportunities for peer-led learning and interaction

Technology-enabled learning

Internet-equipped classrooms allows daily learning to take place using laptops, projectors and the Frog VLE

Learner-friendly environment

A clean and comfortable space provides the optimum environment for learners to thrive

How it works

We aim to create a movement for 21st century learning that brings together schools, Parent-Teacher Associations, corporate bodies, charities, and individuals to make a difference for Malaysian students.

YTL Foundation’s Commitment

Detailed toolkit and support provided to schools to help them in the organisation and fund-raising process, along with 15,000.00 worth of custom-designed furniture and fittings to complete the Frog Classroom

Community Involvement

Driven by each school’s Parent-Teacher Association, ordinary parents are given a chance to be involved in the physical makeover as well as fund-raising (with a target of RM12,000.00 in community-raised funds per classroom)


Hundreds of Frog Classrooms built throughout Malaysia. RM12 million raised through community efforts. 10,000 community volunteers mobilized. Countless lives touched, in this generation and the next.

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School Guidelines

The Frog Classroom is about more than upgrading facilities. It’s about a completely new way of teaching and learning – one that is learner-focused and is technology-enabled.


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