About the
Frog Classroom Programme

The Frog Classroom Programme is an initiative by YTL Foundation in collaboration with FrogAsia, provider of the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) under the Ministry of Education’s 1BestariNet project.

Enabling public-private

Through the Classroom Makeovers, private foundations and corporations can partner with local schools to transform students’ learning experience

Building better societies
through education

YTL Foundation will support schools in the process of transforming their classrooms through project consultation and provision of furniture

How it all began: The SMK Puchong Story

In 2014, YTL foundation Project Director Datin Kathleen Chew was invited to give an inspirational talk to the students at SMK Puchong. When she arrived at the designated classroom, she was shocked to find the classroom in the state of disrepair. Moved by the state of the classroom, she embarked on a mission to transform the learning facilities and provide the students of SMK Puchong with a better place to learn.

That very first classroom makeover breathed fresh life into the school, and reinvigorated the teachers and students. Since then, learning outcomes have improved significantly, inspiring a brave and bold idea: to transform classrooms all across the country similarly, giving tens of thousands of students the chance to experience the same transformation as the students of SMK Puchong.